Wednesday, May 23, 2018

CWT Outreach Program - Eagle Ranch

An inquiry made back in June of 2014 to Eddie Staub, Director and Founder of Eagle Ranch, a resident school for at-risk kids located at 5500 Union Church Road, Flowery Branch, Georgia on 270-acres of wooded land resulted in Chattahoochee Woodturners developing an outreach program at Eagle Ranch. After considering various alternatives with the staff at Eagle Ranch two programs have emerged. It was decided that we would attempt to set up a four lathe studio at the school to begin teaching a 12 week course to four middle school students for the school’s Exploratory Studies program. CWT and ER both applied for EOG (Educational Opportunity Grant) grants. Eagle Ranch was awarded a $1500 grant from the American Association of Woodturners and they were successful in obtaining a $3500 private grant so funding was in place for the $5000 projected startup cost to buy equipment for the turning studio. It is well to note that Eagle Ranch is completely privately funded, accepts no government funds and has no debt.

Using web based pricing the budget climbed to a bit over $8000. Due to the generosity of the woodturning community the turning studio was completed for 20% under the initial $5000 budget. The only used equipment obtained was a 12 year old 18” Jet bandsaw from an estate sale and an air compressor donated by a member.

The first class was held on August 19. Classes are about an hour and twenty minutes once a week. The other program selected was to have a joint booth at Marketplace, a Christmas gift show sponsored by the Medical Auxiliary of Gainesville, GA held in early November.

The intent of the exposure of this show was to gain name recognition for both Eagle Ranch and Chattahoochee Woodturners. Eagle Ranch has contracted and paid for the booth space. Chattahoochee Woodturners is providing hand turned product and the booth fixtures. In mid-September Chattahoochee has priced and logged over 300 items with a combined sale value of over $9000 for the show. Chattahoochee decided to contribute up to $500 for purchase of such things as pen and pepper mill mechanisms. All income from the show goes to Eagle Ranch with nothing to Chattahoochee. Any money beyond the cost of the show will go the Turning Studio Fund. All of the products not sold at the show go to Eagle Ranch with the prospect of repeating the show next year.

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