Saturday, May 26, 2018

2008 State of the Chapter - Dan Albertus

Presidentʼs Turn - “State of the Chapter”


Dear Members,

As we near year-end I thought it might be good to review the year and Chapterʼs
accomplishments by its members. I wonʼt list those who mainly worked on certain
projects because surely I would forget to list everyone.

  • At the beginning of the year a Program and Member Directory was produced
  • for all members. Former Presidents and our Founder Willard Baxter were
  • recognized. Much of that information can now be found on the Website.
  • A new website was established with Paul Proffitt as our Webmaster.
  • More space was created by taking out the office walls in our Chapter meeting
  • place. We can now seat many more in our meetings (up to approx. 60 seats).
  • New padded chairs were purchased and donated. No more plastic to sit on.
  • Used band saw was purchased for the shop.
  • A second tv monitor was added.
  • A $1900 grant was written to AAW requesting money to purchase new lathes
  • for training in our Club. We received a two part $1400 grant.
  • Five new 12/20 JET Lathes with stands were purchased using the Grant and
  • Chapter funds.
  • Youth woodturning class for Boy Scouts and numerous Saturday training
  • sessions for members have been held.
  • ʻExcursions of Interestʼ to members shops, organ factory and wood
  • purveyors have been held.
  • We continue to support the Georgia National Fair and two local Symposiums.
  • A significant amount of beautiful dried wood has been hauled and donated to
  • our Chapter. This has benefited fund raising through the monthly raffle.
  • Also 11 monthly demonstrations and two workshops were presented this
  • year. The topics covered a broad spectrum of woodturning.
  • New “Operating Guidelines and Position Descriptions” were written for the
  • Chapter. The Bylaws were also amended.

Yes, we have had a busy and productive year at CWT!

Please join us November 11 for Mark Sillayʼs demo on chain saws and special wood he
carries at his shop near Stone Mountain.

December 9 at 6:30 PM please join us for our CWT Christmas dinner, ornnament
exchange and raffle. The party will be held the same place as last year - Rochester &
Associates on 425 Oak Street, Gainesville.

Best regards,
Dan Albertus, CWT President

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