Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Breaking the Bad News

Phil Colson has mentioned in several demonstrations that some woodturning pieces are just going to end up in the fire.  Here is an example of how this happened to Chattahoochee Woodturners member Bob Black.  Notice what a great job Bob did in breaking the news to the previous bowl blank owner - Dan Albertus.

This letter is reprinted with permission from Bob Black.

Dear Dan,

It is with regret that I must inform you that your aspen bowl died two days ago. I will deliver the remains to you for a proper disposition.

I finally got the fuzzy grain cut smooth and sanded on the outside, no small feat on aspen after gluing the two matching cracks on opposite sides twice. I got started on the inside and everything was moving right along. I roughed the interior reverse curve deep enough to reveal the two matching cracks on the inside so I glued them up once again. I noted wet spots on the outside of the bowl - the glue had penetrated the cracks in the wall and puddled up on the outside. I spoke to the bowl in unkind terms at that point and then I smoothed up the outside for the third time cutting below the mark the glue left on the light colored wood.

I then went back to fairing out the reverse curve on the inside of the bowl. My skill levels were not up to the task, I got a catch, the two matching cracks opened up (personally I think the little honkers had been moving all along) and a new one was added and the base that was in the chuck sheared off. I think my chuck sensed my frustrations and it whacked the bowl several times as it left the immediate vicinity. Not a pretty sight.

I know that the bowl lived in your freezer long enough to be considered a member of the family but I must say that I was not sorry to see it pass on to the firewood pile.


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