Monday, May 21, 2018

Christmas Party 2008

How is it that the incoming president wins the biggest prize?? 

I'm sure glad I won that beautiful Nick/Bob stool!!

I did take some pictures of the party and would be happy to give them to the web site and Newsletter.  I will list the winners as I remember them:

  • Mini Jet Lathe (traveling trophy)     -- Wes Jones
  • Nick Cook/Bob Black stool -- Dan Albertus
  • Kim Winkle candle stick holders -- Aubrey McIntyre (my barber)
  • Rebekah Quattlebaum (no entry)
  • Frank Bowers (piece not turned in)
  • Phil Colsen "Artful Pod"     -- Ryan Gipson
  • Jack Morse neat large sq. edge bowl -- David Ingmire
  • Wes Jones beautiful bottom turn ves. -- Don Griffiths
  • Stephen Hatcher/Dave Ing Inlayed bowl -- Clint Daniel

There were beautiful ornaments exchanged Tuesday night.  Jerry had one that was a neat turning with holly leaves and red berries (stones) on the leaves.  Wes had a gorgeous segmented ornament.  Mike & Jackie collaborated on a neat bowl with beautifully feathered wood burned leaves.  I could write about all of them -- just great!

We had a wonderful time with good food and visiting.  Carol and I sat near two of our younger new members and their families.
After the meeting Ryan Gipson (fireman and has turned for 11 months) brought in an inlayed bowl of wavy gorgeous maple with a dark stone inlayed craggy tree.  The lines of the inlay were neat and clean with a beautiful balanced tree proportionate to the bowl and a terrific finish!  A piece of art for such a young turner.

Both of these young guys joined us this year and have attended the Steve Hatcher Saturday and the other two Saturdays Bob hosted.  It is wonderful to see new members blossom.  Bob, you are to be commended for the 'training Saturdays' you have put together.

John and Joy were both sick last Tuesday and John was back to the hospital.  We hope and pray that both of you are feeling better!  This has been a rough year for the Moss's.

Hal will be demonstrating at the January 13th meeting so that will be a treat and talk it up to others.  Hal's a professional and bring guests for some outstanding turning!!  Wes will be asking everyone what they would like to see in the monthly meetings so come prepared with your good suggestions.

Once again I would like to thank the entire Board for all your support and hard work this year.  Thank you, thank you!  May you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year!!

Best regards,

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