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Turning and Texturing by Peg Schmid

Demonstrator: Peg SchmidThe Jan 12 meeting had an attendance of 35. Show and tell included several coffee scoops, balusters, a hollow form, bowl stitched with copper wire, salt shaker, coffee scoops and coffee scoop donut chuck. Sorry, no pictures.

Turned, textured platter by Peg SchmidPeggy Schmid demonstrated turning and texturing on a square plate. Peggy mounted a square of ambrosia maple with a screw chuck with a clear acrylic spacer. She circulated several examples of the square bowl/plate with texturing on the wings.

She demonstrated how she adds a small V at the edge on the wing near the bowl, top and bottom. This serves as a “stop” to control where texturing should end. She strives for a consistent thickness on the wings matching the top shape to the bottom shape. She encourages everyone to experiment with different shapes as “Different sells.” She always finishes the back of her platters before doing the front. She typically adds a lacquer coat while on the lathe.

Turned platter by Peg SchmidShe demonstrated texturing starting with using the tool rest as a ruler to draw “vanishing points” from outside to center on the wing with a pencil.

Turned, textured platter by Peg SchmidShe showed us a variety of texturing techniques using a Foredom tool, or as Peggy calls it, her “woodturners sewing machine”. She used a variety of Dremel bits for different effect. She used a High Speed Rotary Chisel for use in die grinders and other rotary tools. This is a carbide cutting tool designed to remove material at record speed from that she really likes. She explained that bits can be used in more than one direction so experiment pulling and pushing.. Brass or copper brushes will clean up some of the wood fuzz left by texturing and leave a nice burnished look. She demonstrated coloring the textured surface using Testers enamel using dry brushing techniques to add additional color. She says you can use a hair dryer to speed the drying if you are in a hurry!

demo piece

January 12, 2010 Meeting Notes by Mike Peace

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