Monday, May 28, 2018

Member Registration FAQs

As of January 2008 the Chattahoochee Woodturners has a new web site.  Among the features of the new site is a member profile area.  Here members may include their contact information as well as woodturning and related interests information.  The profile may be expanded from time to time.  If so, we will inform you that there are new fields that you may want to fill out by editing your profile.

Why have a member profile?   So that other members can know you better and contact you.

Can anyone see my profile?  NO.  Only people registered on the site can see your profile.

Can anyone register?  NO.  Registration is moderated by webmaster Paul Proffitt and further by the Board of Directors.  Registration may not be limited to members, but exceptions will be up to the board.

Can I upload my own picture?  YES.  You are encouraged to do so.  Your profile picture should be a photo of you.  The purpose of the photo is so that people can recognize you at club meetings.  The photos must be less than 200 pixels wide, 500 pixels tall and no more than 100K bytes (file size).  Once you've set up your profile and uploaded your photo our webmaster will review and approve the photo or notify you otherwise.

Can you load my profile photo for me?  YES.  We have all the old member photos from the old web site and our webmaster can upload that photo for you.  These photos may be loaded by default if you don't upload your own photo within the first 30 days or so of setting up your profile.

What's my password?  We don't know.  You set up your own username and password when you register on the web site.  The webmaster can reset your password or set it to something you specify, but we cannot tell you what your current password is.  Please try to remember your password.  If you would like help in creating and remembering a password check out Paul Proffitt's article on Choosing a Password .

Can I have my own gallery of pictures of my work?  This will be coming soon.  We are in the process of selecting an appropriate gallery component that will best fit our members' needs.

Need more help?   For more specific help please ask a board member or contact Paul Proffitt our webmaster via email or by phone at 770.945.2022